This documentary film traces Hawaii’s role in this iconic, but often neglected American institution. It is the untold story of thousands of American volunteers who lived and trained in Hawaii prior to Peace Corps service, and often settling there after their experience. The very landscape of Hawaii is littered with former Peace Corps members—from politicians to academics to businessmen. The film tells the story of a 10-year period from 1962-1972 when more than 7500 trainees came to Hawaii for months of pre-departure training. They trained in several remote locations throughout Hawaii that resembled actual village sites throughout Asia and the Pacific region. The sites included Waipio Valley on the Big Island and the rustic island of Molokai. The film is fitting tribute to the contributions of Hawaii residents as the Peace Corps celebrates its 50th Anniversary.
Some Never Left

Hawaii’s Reel Stories
5:07 from OC16.TV

Perpetual War

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