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Join other RPCVs who have trained in Hawai’i. Share your stories with us and the world on this website, and reunite with old friends residing in Hawai’i through the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Hawai’i

RPCVs of Hawaii

RPCV Hawaii

The Local Chapter of the National Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. The Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Hawaii (RPCVHI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to continuing the spirit of Peace Corps. We volunteer our skills and knowledge, endeavoring to make a difference through community service. We share our rich cross-cultural experience to communicate positive imagery of people, cultures and countries. We gather to serve, have fun, and enjoy our shared experience.

National Peace Corps Association

National Peace Corps Association

Founded in 1979 and headquartered in Washington, D.C., the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) is the nation’s leading 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization connecting and championing Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) and the Peace Corps community. It provides service and education opportunities that build on the Peace Corps experience, and is also the longest-standing advocate for an independent and robust Peace Corps.

NPCA encompasses a network of over 30,000 RPCVs and more than 140 member groups. NPCA and its affiliates produce global education programs and advocacy campaigns, and provide community, national, and international services. It is governed by a board of directors and managed by a professional staff. NPCA is separate from the United States Peace Corps, which is a federal agency.

The NPCA and its supporters advocate on issues of importance to the Peace Corps community, including an independent and robust Peace Corps. We also seek to add the experienced voices of returned Peace Corps volunteers to other issues of global concern.

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